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NovaBackup 13

Data protection specialist NovaStor has announced the availability of the new version of its NovaBackup software for protecting workstations, servers, and virtual machines running under Hyper-V and VMware.

NovaBackup’s comprehensive set of features make it easy for users to backup and restore complete systems and individual files. Among the new benefits introduced are universal restore, access to individual files and folders within an image, as well as options that broaden backup flexibility to meet individual needs. Novastor says the new product simplifies life for those needing to restore their critical data and make it available at a moment’s notice.

With the addition of a universal restore function, users achieve the capability for the seamless restoration of a complete system to dissimilar hardware. Users of the new version benefit from a boot environment based on original Microsoft technology, Windows PE, for the restoration of a system.

Instead of using supplied boot images-based technologies that may not always be current, NovaBackup 13 users start the restore of a complete system using the Win PE a platform, which is continuously updated by Microsoft for the use of current hardware.


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