Nexxis SDMS Validation Toolkit

Labtronics has released the Nexxis SDMS Validation Toolkit to assist with the validation of Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure central storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation.

The Nexxis SDMS Validation Toolkit accelerates the overall validation process by providing detailed IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operational Qualification) documents. These documents significantly reduce the amount of time validation groups spend compiling the information required to initiate and execute a thorough IQ/OQ validation. Laboratories can use these documents as-is or adapt them to meet their specific in-house requirements.

IQ documents provide detailed listings to record system hardware and software information, step-by-step descriptions of software installation procedures and a listing of relevant file information. OQ documents include detailed testing procedures that guide the user through the verification of the operation of the Nexxis SDMS system.

Nexxis SDMS is a powerful and cost-effective solution for managing scientific data and integrating it with existing laboratory informatics systems. As part of the Nexxis iLAB integrated laboratory solution, Nexxis SDMS helps laboratories reduce the risk of lost information, streamline their data management procedures, protect intellectual property and meet GxP requirements.

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