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Nexxis Sample Tracker 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis ST (Sample Tracker) 5.0, a sample management module used with Nexxis iLAB.

Nexxis ST 5.0 meets the needs of customers who have a requirement for sample management, but don't require a full blown LIMS. It is an affordable out of the box system for storing and tracking test results.

Sample Tracker is highly integrated with other Nexxis iLAB components. Sample information and test results can be automatically exchanged with instruments. As samples are logged into Sample Tracker, they can automatically initiate and schedule Nexxis ELN worksheets for their analysis.

Raw data can be stored in an SDMS such as Nexxis SDMS, and each sample can be provided with a direct link back to the raw data. An analyst can now review the test results and instantly open a viewer to examine the raw data.

Nexxis ST uses ReDITM technology to provide user configurable sample login screens. Each sample type can have a different login screen allowing you to track different information for each type of sample.

Nexxis ST 5.0 is a zero footprint web application that can be run from any PC, including wireless devices.  


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