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nCode 10

nCode, a provider of fatigue and durability-based analysis software offered by HBM, has released the Premium Materials Database in nCode 10. The Premium Materials Database available in nCode 10 provides a new collection of fatigue properties for commonly used steels and aluminium alloys.

All the data in the database has been derived from tests performed in the ISO 9001 certified Advanced Materials Characterisation and Test Facility (AMCT Facility) operated by HBM-nCode.

It can be technically challenging to simulate fatigue failure, but it's impossible to get accurate fatigue life calculations without specific and reliable materials data. Fatigue life prediction methods commonly used in industry are empirically derived based on performing laboratory tests at a range of different load levels. The first release of the Premium Materials Database in nCode 10 provides 72 materials and is available to customers exclusively through nCode CDS (Complete Durability System) licensing. nCode plans to add 20 to 30 materials to the database annually; its customers will receive notifications automatically as new material data are added.

To help select required materials, the database identifies materials according to international standards (ISO, DIN, WNR, UNS, etc.) wherever possible. Statistical estimates of scatter are also provided to enable reliability and certainty of survival percentages to be assessed.


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