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StarDrop 4.3

Optibrium has launched its StarDrop 4.3 software. The company claims that its software offers advantages over traditional predictive modelling platforms in that it specifically helps users to identify chemistries with a high chance of success, allowing researchers to focus expensive in-house resources. Used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and research establishments globally, StarDrop 4.3 guides compound selection and design decisions in all stages of drug discovery. The software is the first major update to StarDrop from Optibrium, helping scientists to select high quality drug candidates with confidence, improving efficiency and productivity.

New features of StarDrop 4.3 include more flexible data set views. Users can now freeze individual columns in the table view and organise the order and layout of properties across all views. Direct printing support enables users to print individual molecules with data from both table and molecule views. In addition, the range of powerful Gaussian Process methods in StarDrop's Auto-Modeller has been extended to provide new techniques for building classification models.


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