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Multi-database Functionality Ensures Versatility For Matrix Gemini LIMS

The Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is supplied complete with 3 separate databases. Since each database can have its own independent design, this versatile arrangement means that widely varying requirements can be accommodated on the same system. Typically one database is used for current/active samples, another for archived samples and the third for development and/or training purposes.

Matrix Gemini is an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant system which will operate with a number and mixture of commercial databases to suit either corporate standards or user preferences. Each database group operates independently and can have a completely different configuration. This flexibility means separate departments within the same organization can optimise screens for their purposes if required.

This scalability allows a single copy of Matrix Gemini to be used across a wide variety of operating scenarios. For example, it can be installed as a single-user workstation system, on a local network with a few users, or on a wide area network supporting multiple laboratories at different sites. Users may be assigned to specific database groups with different levels of access authority in each. Additional databases can be added with no practical limit.


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