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Microway adopts 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Microway, a provider of computational clusters, servers, and workstations for AI and HPC applications, has announced that it is now shipping 2nd Generation Intel  Xeon Scalable processors ('Cascade Lake-SP') across all Microway Xeon systems including next-generation NumberSmasher clusters, servers, and WhisperStations.

This new family of processors boosts performance for Microway custom deployments with increased CPU core counts, higher memory capacity and bandwidth, improved clock speeds, and innovative new features for HPC, AI, and Deep Learning. A Microway analysis finds that, without exception, 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs are expected to outperform their predecessors and provide increased price performance.

Microway NumberSmasher Xeon CPU Clusters expertly integrate hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor cores for turn-key performance and functionality. Through integration of the latest Xeon processors, the upgraded cluster offerings deliver massively improved performance and price-performance over their predecessors. Microway will deploy over 10,000 cores as part of a recent NumberSmasher Xeon Cluster win.

Upgraded Microway NumberSmasher servers include configurations in 1-4U footprints, as well as NumberSmasher 2U Twin² high-density nodes (4 nodes in 2U)—all shipping in volume. 2P configurations are available with 2-sockets of Xeon Silver, Gold, and Platinum processors and up to 6TB of memory, and 4-Socket configurations deliver up to 112 cores and 12TB of memory. NumberSmasher Servers with 2ndGeneration Xeon Scalable Processors also support new Intel Optane Datacenter Persistent Memory and Intel Deep Learning Boost Instructions (VNNI).

Microway engineers custom architect ultra-quiet Microway WhisperStations with Xeon Silver, Gold, or Platinum processors, plus large memory spaces, Intel DC series SSDs, and multiple accelerators. New cost-efficient single-socket configurations and specialized high-clock speed Xeon WhisperStation designs for moderately threaded CAE applications are also available.

Microway thoroughly tests every cluster, server, and WhisperStation with applications shown to cause faults in the field. All components must withstand sustained 100 per cent load for multiple days before approved for shipment. A complete Linux and/or cluster software integration is also performed.


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