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IN Cell Miner High-Content Manager

GE Healthcare has launched a new data management system for high-content analysis. IN Cell Miner High-Content Manager (HCM) can manage complex data generated by high-content screening and analysis systems.

The client-server based application handles data that has been generated by the IN Cell Analyzer imaging system providing a robust and scalable data management solution. It allows scientists to consistently capture, manage, share and archive HCA data, thereby enhancing research efficiency, data security and regulatory compliance.

The new IN Cell Miner HCM is fully aligned with the IN Cell Analyzer HCA system and the IN Cell Investigator image analysis software. It streamlines scientists' data flow of protocols, images and analysis results, placing the data into easily searchable contexts within a project-based hierarchy. IN Cell Miner HCM is designed to help increase scientists' productivity by offering: flexibility to import new as well as existing data; functionality to view and retrieve data from plates to wells to cells; tools to facilitate project annotation; and guided searches for easy data retrieval.


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