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Stone Bond Technologies has introduced MicroLIMS, a web-based software as a service (SaaS) offering to automate workflows at microarray core laboratories. The service is designed to complement Stone Bond's EE-LIMS product for life sciences. MicroLIMS is a secure, easy-to-use subscription-based solution that automates laboratory workflow, invoicing, data and sample tracking, collections, and other laboratory processes.

MicroLIMS is a comprehensive data management and business process automation solution designed for the needs of today's microarray core laboratories. Without expensive front-end licence and hardware costs, MicroLIMS enables laboratory personnel to easily and efficiently access secure data and share critical research results among specified individuals and organisations.

To satisfy a critical need in microarray core laboratories, Stone Bond has drawn on its extensive experience working with microarray cores in order to compile workflow tools for the most common services that these cores offer.

MicroLIMS allows multiple users to input data in a secure environment that helps to reduce errors caused by data entry fatigue. MicroLIMS guides the user through the process of building an automated workflow system that fits laboratory needs. Laboratory staff will be able to track each step during the course of the work, and will be able to upload important data files at the appropriate point in each workflow, allowing universal access to critical data through a secure portal.

Stone Bond's MicroLIMS will be available from April 2009 as a subscription-based service.


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