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Measure Foundry 5.0

With Measure Foundry 5.0 Data Translation presents an open test and measurement software solution for all standard instruments and bus interfaces. Besides the new LXI and PXI/VXI hardware interfaces, the software also supports the GPIB, USB, PCI and RS232 interfaces and the major driver standards VISA, SCPI and IVI-COM. All IVI instrument classes can be accessed, including digital multimeters, DC power supply units, signal generators, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, etc.

Measure Foundry 5.0 opens up easy access to a vast variety of test and measurement instruments, independently of the manufacturer or location. By simple drag and drop and define the function and data flow within the property pages, users can build hybrid systems that combine different instrument and bus interfaces. The graphical development environment is based on the look & feel of Windows XP/Vista and intuitive to use

As all major functions (data I/Os, analyses, visualisation) are created and parameterised on one layer, application development is easy and straightforward. The software also comes with many preconfigured components, such as real-time scope and real-time spectrum analyser. Windows executables are created directly from the development environment, without the need for a compiler.

Measure Foundry 5.0 is available in different versions offering different levels of functionality.


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