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MBD for Ansys - powered by RecurDyn

FunctionBay has released a new downloadable software product called MBD for Ansys - powered by RecurDyn, which is a fully embedded version of RecurDyn/Professional within Ansys Workbench. It enables Ansys users to perform multibody-dynamics simulations without having to leave their familiar Ansys Workbench environment.

The software simulates and verifies the functional motion behaviour of mechanical assemblies, and calculates and transfers dynamic loads to Ansys WB for subsequent stress analyses on a component level.

Compared to the overall functionality of RecurDyn/Professional, this latest software has some limitations but does enable complex MBD-simulations. Should special functionality be needed, the already generated models can be directly transferred to RecurDyn/Professional without any loss of data. Within the RecurDyn/Professional environment all other RecurDyn/Toolkits (flexible bodies, chain/belt modules, etc.) are available for further processing of the original MBD for Ansys model.



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