Matrix Gemini LIMS

Autoscribe Informatics has announced that the latest version of its Matrix Gemini LIMS (laboratory information management system) now provides faster and more efficient editing of LIMS data by eliminating the need for a second editing screen. The new ‘editable list box’ feature combines the data selection and editing screens into one, reducing the number of clicks required to enter or update data in the database, thus saving time and streamlining the informatics process.

Users can list and update a wide range of data in edit tables. These include sample details, batch information, substances and tests, instrument information, user information and more. Edits are automatically saved as users make changes, row by row. Further flexibility is provided since existing read-only list box controls can be easily be substituted with a new editable equivalent version. When this facility is used, the new version is initially set to be read-only for compatibility purposes but can then be changed to provide editing capabilities.


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