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Massworks sClips

Cerno Bioscience has launched MassWorks sClips (Self Calibrated Lineshape Isotope Profile Search), the latest addition to the MassWorks mass spectrometry software suite.

Often, high-resolution mass spectrometry instruments cannot provide a unique formula ID match when using mass accuracy alone. MassWorks sCLIPS enables users of HMA instruments including high-resolution quadrupoles, Orbitrap, magnetic sector, and FTMS to improve formula ID accuracy without the need to run calibration standards.

MassWorks sClips also has significant benefits for users of ion trap spectrometers. Although these instruments are extremely powerful and sensitive, they typically cannot provide accurate formula confirmation or identification of individual ion peaks. sClips uniquely enables formula ID through high spectral accuracy when running ion traps in zoom and enhanced resolution modes by virtue of its patented line shape calibration method.


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