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Maple-NAG Connector

Maplesoft and the Numerical Algorithms Group have released the Maple-NAG connector, to allow users to combine the modelling, exploration, and application development of Maple with the power or NAG’s numeric routines.

As a front end to the NAG C Library, Maple and this toolbox provide an integrated environment to make code development easier. The toolbox eliminates compile times and provides simplified calling sequences and searchable documentation to the NAG routines. The Maple-NAG Connector also enables the use of NAG routines in seamless combination with Maple’s mathematical analysis and visualisation tools.

The connector allows easy access to the NAG C Library numeric routines anywhere were Maple commands are used. It provides faster prototyping and modelling in an interactive environment, without the need for compiling or linking. Simplified calling sequences make coding easier, with many default values provided.

Documentation of the NAG C Library is integrated and fully searchable in the Maple Help System, with hundreds of examples coded in Maple.


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