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Maple 14 Grid Computing Toolbox

Maplesoft has announced the release of the Maple 14 Grid Computing Toolbox, which enables distributed computing using the company's Maple software. Using this toolbox, users can run Maple computations in parallel, taking advantage of all the hardware resources available, cutting down on processing time, and enabling applications that were not possible before.

The Maple 14 release of the Maple Grid Computing Toolbox provides built-in integration with Windows HPC Server, including Windows HPC Server 2008 R2. It connects directly to a user's Windows HPC Server cluster, simplifying installation, configuration, and operation of the grid, and it integrates with the Windows HPC Server tool chain for administrative tasks such as job scheduling, load balancing, and usage monitoring. The Maple 14 Grid Computing Toolbox also uses the standard message passing interface (MPI) protocol for efficient communication between nodes in the grid and easy integration with tools that support this protocol.


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