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Empower 2 Business Intelligence Manager (BIM)

Waters has introduced the Empower 2 Business Intelligence Manager (BIM), a web-based dashboard software solution for the rapid analysis of critical chromatography performance data.

The intuitive interface allows lab managers and system administrators using Empower 2 Enterprise Chromatography Software to fully understand and exploit the strengths of their laboratories and identify areas that need added support.

Empower not only maximizss operation of LC systems, it captures critical utilisation data, such as number of samples run by a chromatographic system, number of injections or methods utilised by project or chromatographic system, and chromatographic system use by personnel. BIM aggregates this raw utilisation data from all systems on the Empower 2 network and converts that data into easy-to-read dashboard visualisations.

BIM is designed to increase efficiency and revenue through early detection of utilisation trends as well as improved strategic planning and resource allocation. More importantly, BIM will help customers optimise their LC resources to align laboratory operations with business goals for results that are most valuable to organisational success.


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