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Magneto version 7.0

Integrated Engineering Software, a developer of hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic, thermal and structural design analysis, has launched an enhanced version of its Magneto 2D/RS magnetic field solver software. Magneto version 7.0 offers designers a faster solver and more advanced handling of transients. This is beneficial for designers and engineers as it speeds up time-to-market and reduces overall project costs. Magneto can be used to model applications such as clutches, solenoids, motors, sensors, actuators, loud speakers, circuit breakers and fuel injectors.

Magneto also incorporates an improved robust meshing feature, allowing the analysis of much larger and more complex models than previously permitted. Another key enhancement to Magneto is its material manager, which enables designers to quickly and easily test different materials to find the most practical and cost effective way of building a device. Version 7.0 allows the designer to select a variety of material options during the prototyping stage to determine which will work best under different environmental pressures, when other parameters relevant to the design are taken into account. Engineers can also create custom material libraries that can be shared with different models and subsequent designs.


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