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MachineWorks Simulation Software release v7.4

MachineWorks, a supplier of CNC simulation solutions, has announced release of MachineWorks version 7.4.

MachineWorks component software is at the forefront of the development of advanced 5-Axis simulation and collision detection technology, providing simulation and verification solutions that are integrated by the leading CAM system providers, CNC machine tool builders, and CNC control manufacturers across the world.

New Hybrid Manufacturing Simulation

The ability to simulate both Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing in a single environment is also featured in v7.4. MachineWorks have been integrated in leading CAD/CAM applications since 1994, now, with more and more hybrid CNC machines being brought to market, MachineWorks is offering the software needed to simulate the material deposition as well.

The unique feature about MachineWorks is the degree of flexibility and customisation offered to the Hybrid Manufacturing processes through the different APIs.  The Boolean operations to calculate material removal work in reverse to add the material. Whether it is layer by layer addition or cutting material on the same stock, MachineWorks simulates the complete hybrid manufacturing process.

New Algorithm for 5-Axis Swept Volume

Version 7.4 is the culmination of several years of research and development. It provides much improved finished surface quality thanks to a new algorithm for 5-axis swept volume generation.

The innovative MachineWorks development team have managed to achieve both higher quality and faster performance in 5-axis simulation without compromising on accuracy or stability with the revolutionary 5-Axis algorithm.

The new 5-axis swept volume method allows more flexible quality optimisation , which further enhances the finished surface accuracy and performance in terms of CPU time and number of faces of the stock after simulation.

New Sampling Engine

Furthermore, the new sampling engine offers greater accuracy of graphical representation whilst maintaining great performance and constant memory footprint throughout the simulation.

MachineWorks sampling engine manages to retain detail even when zoomed in. The enhanced ray-traced image contains surface details that would normally be lost when using a sampling technology, but thanks to the new MachineWorks development, have been kept.

MachineWorks’ customers who were privy to the beta version helped with their contributions to shape v7.4 into its final form.  We would like to thank everyone involved in making this release happen.


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