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LucidShape 1.9

Beacon Concepts has introduced Brandenburg's Lucid Shape 1.9 to the Americas. The lighting design and analysis software package reduces product development time by 30-50 per cent.

The new LucidShape 1.9 release has many new features and improvements, such as in-core multithread simulation for Monte Carlo and light mapping, improved speed in raytrace with accurate NURBS and with Triangle/NURBS, and new surface tessellation algorithm for graphic display and ray trace. It also features a new application menu structure with 'design feature' offering, and a new design feature for backlighting and optimisation.

This release provides for several improved simulation techniques. First, there are now three different simulation methods: the default simulation on NURBS, which is the most accurate; a fast simulation on triangles and finally a combined simulation of triangles and NURBS. Secondly, the surface tessellation builds a triangle representation for graphic display and for simulation. And finally, LucidShape now offers multithread simulation for Monte Carlo and light mapping as in internal process.


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