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MES Software 2012 with Quality

An updated version of the Wonderware MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) software has been released by Wonderware UK and Ireland. Expanding existing operations and performance management functionality by adding quality management for sample data collection, statistical process control (SPC) and quality results monitoring, this latest version helps to improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and product safety.

Wonderware MES Software 2012 with Quality reduces the cost of quality management while improving regulatory and product safety compliance by capturing complete product, equipment and process-related quality data for both automated and manual operations. The software monitors quality data in near real time so that plant operators can respond faster to non-conformance conditions, quality trends and deviations, as well as to take corrective actions that minimise variations and bring quality closer to specifications.

The new features of Wonderware MES 2012 with Quality software build out the quality management capabilities of the original version. The software now enforces manual and automatic data collection and integrates structured sampling plans, as well as includes rigorous SPC. The updated software also allows sampling plans to be dynamically generated, according to current work-order status for products, equipment and operations.


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