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Lonza to launch its MODA ES next-generation electronic batch record execution platform

Lonza will launch the MODA ES Software Platform, a next-generation electronic batch record execution solution, at the Paperless Lab Academy 2019 from 9-10 April at Baveno, Lake Maggiore (IT). Building on Lonza’s extensive informatics know-how and contract manufacturing expertise, the new platform offers a flexible and user-friendly solution for consolidating and managing batch and quality data generated by non-automated manufacturing processes.

The MODA ES Software Platform has been designed to provide a cost-effective solution to batch record challenges.

Electronic batch records have been unattainable for most of the industry due to cost constraints and flexibility concerns. Lonza is changing that with the launch of the MODA ES Platform, which facilitates paperless execution across manufacturing and QC processes. The MODA ES Platform equals One Record, One Platform to move companies into the digital age and allow them to reap the benefits of efficiency, improved compliance, real-time reporting and expedited release of products to customers.

‘The MODA ES Electronic Batch Record Execution Platform builds on Lonza’s unique manufacturing, quality- control and informatics expertise to bring a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution to the market,’ said Mike Goetter, head of global sales – Bioscience Solutions. ‘This platform will enable manufacturing organizations to rapidly scale to a paperless workflow and empower them to make informed decisions while improving efficiency and compliance.’

Introducing a different approach to informatics in life-science manufacturing

Attendees of the Paperless Lab Academy can learn more about the key features and benefits of Lonza’s new MODA ES Software Platform, including:

•             Workflow-driven data entry applicable to batch records, sterility tests and cleaning forms

•             A modular design allowing individual modules to be created, validated and used across different processes

•             Standard methods for processing products of the same family, with the flexibility to vary the raw materials, fill volumes and equipment types used

•             An electronic checklist enabling real-time review and approval

•             Data integrity alert capability to trigger timely intervention and resolution of issues

•             Seamless integration with other cGMP compliant electronic systems, as well as with analytical equipment, for effortless, reliable data transfer


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