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LMS TecWare Rev 3.8

LMS has launched TecWare Rev 3.8, a software solution that acquires load data, analysing durability-specific characteristics and preparing it for re-use in simulation. The company’s dedicated graphical environment for defining, optimising and executing an unlimited number of analysis tasks, ProcessBuilder, has been improved and tasks are intuitively defined by dragging, dropping and connecting individual analysis steps. Procedures set up in ProcessBuilder can be executed at any time without any user interaction.

Featuring visualised data flows, comparison displays and a formula editor to define mathematical operations for measured channels, LMS TecWare is fully interoperable with Microsoft Excel. This enables engineers to immediately access measurement meta-information and overall statistics for a quick data quality review and document procedures in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint reports. The software can automatically locate any anomaly in the acquired load data and a Microsoft Excel report summarises all potential anomalies resulting from power failures, spikes, offsets, drifts and overloads. As a result, users only need to focus on a limited subset of data channels and time events, accelerating the data validation process.


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