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LMS TecWare Rev 3.6

LMS has introduced LMS TecWare Rev 3.6, a modular solution for durability load data analysis and synthesis. It integrates and automates raw data processing and streamlines the process from data importation to reporting. The latest version provides a complete and user-friendly solution for durability load data processing and validation and significantly accelerates everyday processing tasks, which increases data quality considerably. Rev 3.6 comes with an interactive LMS TecWare TimeEdit feature and an extended LMS TecWare ProcessBuilder to easily set up repetitive data handling.

To support large data sets, the unique LMS TecWare TimeEdit tool edits and analyzes time signals and has been enhanced with overlay capabilities, freehand zooming and keyboard short cuts for fast data scrolling. These new features help visually inspect and rescale measured time series, clean up data sets and detect anomalies in a fully interactive environment.

Thanks to the LMS TecWare ProcessBuilder automation functionality, errors and user interventions are reduced to a minimum. Users can set up processes in the graphical user interface, consolidate data, visualize it in various analysis domains, and create automated reports, which can be integrated in Microsoft Office.


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