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Liquid-cooled cabinets

UK-based liquid cooling specialist Iceotope has launched what it describes as ‘free cooling for ICT, anywhere’ at the Cebit trade event in Hanover, Germany. The company’s unique system encapsulates all electronics in a sealed unit containing 3M’s Novec as the inert chemical coolant. Heat is transferred away from the electronics to a sealed low pressure gravity fed sub system where it can be passively cooled or repurposed to centrally heat or provide hot water to other buildings or facilities.

Eliminating the need for fans, the power consumed at server level is reduced, addressing both the energy costs and environmental footprint of data centres and HPC facilities. Iceotope reports that this approach can save 97 per cent of the energy cost of cooling and more than 75 per cent of the mechanical costs of such facilities.

Iceotope liquid-cooled cabinets have a list price of £19,995 ($31,500), which includes hot swap redundant pump/heat exchangers and six Iceotope module centres ready to house a total of 48 modules. Fully-configured server modules with two of Intel’s six-core Xeon Romley E5 processors, 64GB RAM, 40Gb Infiniband and high endurance SSD Storage start from a list price of £3,995 ($6,300).


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