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MapleSim 6.2

Maplesoft has announced the release version 6.2 of its advanced system-level modelling and simulation platform, MapleSim. With usability improvements across many different aspects of the interface, MapleSim 6.2 speeds up model development of both simple and complex models. In addition, new and improved add-ons expand the modelling scope of MapleSim to include advanced hydraulics and enhance toolchain connectivity.

Improvements to the interface give engineers the ability to create models faster than ever before, the company says. With new ways to connect components, enhanced line routing that combines improved automatic layout with finer manual control, and more easily managed parameter lists, high-frequency tasks are done more quickly and easily. More advanced features, such as the automatic handling of mass and inertia information for CAD geometry components and a Modelica code view that displays annotations, further reduce the time spent creating models.

Other improvements include expansion of many of the connectivity add-ons that allow engineers to integrate MapleSim into their toolchain. The connectors for Simulink, JMAG-RT, VI-CarRealTime, B&R Automation Studio, and FMI were all enhanced with this release. In addition, a new add-on library, the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon, provides increased capacity to model advanced hydraulics components.

MapleSim 6.2 is available in both English and Japanese.


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