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KCR adopts Veeva Vault cloud-based content management solution

KCR, a European Contract Research Organisation (CRO) operating across 19 European countries and in the US, has turned to the cloud in a move to improve cross-functional collaboration and trial operations.

KCR will replace the mix of paper and file-share solutions used to manage trial master files with Veeva Systems’ cloud-based content management solution, Veeva Vault.

By adopting Veeva Vault, KCR will achieve greater organisational effectiveness, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The new system will allow the company to develop an easily accessible environment within a flexible cloud architecture, in order to provide transparency throughout the whole trial process.

“For KCR, innovation means ongoing development, combining new technology solutions with a progressive process design. Implementing Veeva Vault will not only improve efficiency of the clinical trial process, but also give us absolute control over documentation status,” noted Mike Jagielski, President and CEO of KCR.

Veeva Vault will ensure better project management through easy, real-time access to the same document from all countries of operation. It also provides and stores e-signatures, a new capability required by a majority of life sciences companies, according to the Veeva 2014 Paperless TMF Survey.

By adopting e-signatures, KCR will avoid unnecessarily signing, delivering, and scanning of documents, leading to a far more efficient document handling procedure. Moreover, the system will streamline the archiving process and significantly improve inspection readiness.

“Many CROs lag in technology adoption, still relying on outdated paper-based systems to exchange clinical documents,” said Rik van Mol, Vice President of R&D Strategy at Veeva. “Leveraging advanced cloud technology, KCR can differentiate itself by delivering better access, visibility, and control.”

The decision to adopt cloud technology reflects a wider trend across the industry, as Kaia Koppel, Innovative Technologies Implementation Manager at KCR, explained, “By standardising on Veeva Vault for cloud based content management, KCR continues to offer life sciences companies access to latest innovations – a critical element of our development approach in a competitive CRO market. For KCR clients, Veeva Vault will result in process transparency, easy trial control and efficient Trial Master File (TMF) transfer at study conclusion. Solutions such as this one are becoming increasingly important to the clinical research industry.”


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