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Kalabie ELN

R&D intensive industries, and more specifically, pharma, biotech, cosmetics and agro/foods companies, are experimenting an exciting evolution: the increasing need for these organisations to integrate diverse sources of information. The implication is the interleaving of the various domains of expertise of researchers in order to create and grow knowledge assets that support the creation and development of their products.

This evolution has driven a major change within the IS of research organisations. The need to move away from a desktop-centric, individual IT to a more integrated and collaboration-enabling architecture is now crystal clear. This shift is a necessary condition when addressing the global knowledge and process management issues that need to be resolved by all R&D organisations that truly aim at building this foundation of knowledge assets.


fig 1. standard chemistry environment


The business drivers for this evolution are obviously to improve overall R&D efficiency and reliability in a domain where mastering inherent complexity is more than ever a key issue.

Kalabie Electronic Laboratory Notebook is the concrete implementation of this vision and provides the foundation for knowledge and process management and intellectual property protection in your organisation.


fig 2. biology environment


Electronic Lab Notebook and more...

Kalabie ELN is a powerful ELN solution based on a modern and scalable architecture and has been applied to various domains and has been running in production at major pharma, biotech and dermo-cosmetics companies.


fig 3. analytical environment


Kalabie Solutions are built from core functions adding a standard and/or customised user environment.

  • Kalabie ELN offers a simple and powerful authoring environment well adapted to Biological Experiments for example.
  • Kalabie ELN for Medicinal Chemistry adds more sophisticated interface objects to manage molecular design and chemical reaction handling to the standard base. Research chemists both in traditional synthesis and parallel synthesis have used this configuration.
  • Kalabie ELN for Process Development is a variation of the chemistry-oriented environment with special support for synthesis optimisation.
  • Kalabie used in Dermo-cosmetics illustrates the collaborative function of Kalabie V2 with ability to implement process workflows that span among several user working on a product elaboration
  • Kalabie ELN has also been used in other disciplines and domains.

fig 4. PDF document generation for IP purposes


Kalabie Solutions are cost-effective and are largely paid back by:

  • Gains in user productivity
  • Efficiency for processes requiring user collaboration
  • Better consistency and quality in research outputs
  • Reduction in document paper use and manipulations
  • Accelerated search and mining of research information


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