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Jacket v2.1

AccelerEyes has released Jacket v2.1, which it says adds GPU computing capabilities for use with Matlab.

Jacket v2.1 is claimed to deliver even more speed through a host of new improvements, maximising GPU device performance and utilisation.

Notable features include an optimisation library and additional functions to the Graphics Library. With Jacket v2.1, the company has also extended support for sparse matrix subscripting and made improvements to host-to-device and device-to-host data transfer speeds for complex data. There are also various GFOR enhancements.

Jacket v2.1 now includes Nvidia Cuda 4.1 enhancements to provide improved functionality and performance. 

Jacket is a premier GPU software plugin from Matlab. It is used by organisations for rapid prototyping and problem solving across a range of government, manufacturing, energy, media, biomedical, financial and scientific research applications.


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