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AccelerEyes has released Jacket v1.0, its GPU engine for Matlab, marking the end of a 7 month beta release cycle. Jacket now supports a large number of Matlab functions, each offering great speed and has also benefited from the addition of a Graphics Toolbox for improved visualisations. The licensing and pricing model is as similar as possible to the Matlab licensing model to make purchasing and maintenance easy.  

Jacket is used by customers across all major HPC industries, such as the automotive, financial, medical, and seismic industries.  In order for high performance computing (HPC) companies to adopt GPU technologies, a robust and healthy software tool chain must be created to connect programmers to GPU hardware. While hardware manufacturers are building lower-level software tools, such as CUDA, which support their devices, AccelerEyes delivers high-level interfaces which remove the lower-level complexity.  Jacket’s Graphics Toolbox enables true Visual Computing, seamlessly merging the compute power of CUDA with OpenGL visualisations.

AccelerEyes specialises in the software-side of the movement towards visual computing and its products bring a level of supercomputing power to standard personal computers.  


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