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IronCAD Extends 2015 Productivity Improvements

IronCAD, a provider of design productivity solutions, has announced its first product update for the 2015 release, which includes customer-driven quality improvements and new design collaboration features.

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) 2015 Product Update boasts a 10X speed improvement in the import of Native Files by directly importing the graphical model representations. Software products from Dassault, Siemens and Solidworks can store lightweight graphical representation of models, which IronCAD DCS can access directly.

Once imported into an IronCAD’s scene, users can select parts or assemblies from the imported data to reconstruct into a solid model to allow modification. This ability improves design workflow and cuts down on memory and storage requirements when using customer data in the design process.

Additionally, users can use the imported graphical representation in an IronCAD 2D drawing for layout and communication purposes. Further import improvements include support for JT and SolidEdge formats in the Native Translator Add-on.

The IronCAD DCS update seeks to improve 3D communication with improved capabilities in 3D Annotations (PMI). The latest improvement include support for tolerances, intersection points and provides new grouping abilities to control what information is displayed in a particular viewing orientation.

IronCAD customers will benefit from many update improvements, which include:

  • Support for structural steel member creation with multiple body trimming and butt connections

  • Improved editing of sheet metal parts with new reference edge association that makes it easy to modify parts with automatically bend updates

  • Enhanced KeyShot integration supports textures passed from IronCAD to speed up visualization setup

Cary O’Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD, stated: ‘This update offers significant customer-driven quality improvements but more importantly, it delivers real tools that enhance customer satisfaction and productivity.’


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