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IronCad Design Collaboration Suite 2014

IronCad, a provider of design productivity solutions, has announced its customer engagement programme, which gives customers direct access to the development versions of the upcoming IronCad Design Collaboration Suite 2014.

Within this programme, customers will be able to test drive new functionality planned for the official release and supply valuable input to help direct the final design and usage of the functionality. The introduction of the Customer Engagement Program is to engage customers into the early stages of development for the upcoming release that will be introducing unique industry first technology and critical new design capabilities.

Beyond an early beta program, the customer engagement programme allows customers to receive multiple versions of the product throughout the release cycle where their input can be directly reflected. In addition, customers can request new functionality to be added during this development cycle that directly impacts the overall productivity and usage of the suite of products.

Typically this programme has been exclusive to the IronCAD Partner Network, but has been extended into the hand of the customer giving them more control to shape the final product.


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