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IRIS Explorer Version 5.2

Release 5.2, the latest version of IRIS Explorer from NAG, is now available on the Mac OS X platform. IRIS Explorer is an advanced visualisation application development environment and is one of the first modular, multi-purpose visualisation environments available for Mac users.

Combining ease of use with powerful data visualisation, IRIS Explorer is extensively used in a wide range of scientific research projects across the globe, enabling users to build applications from software modules. A Mac version has been created to meet the needs of an increasing number of scientists who are now using their Macs for this type of research.

The 3D visualisations created by IRIS Explorer can be manipulated in real time and are ideal for displaying scientific data from chemistry, physics and other scientific and research disciplines. IRIS Explorer has also been successfully applied to engineering data, finite-element modelling and CFD. More recently, its use has been extended to include the visualisation of financial data and it has been found to be especially valuable in research projects that require tools for collaborative (or multi-user) visualisation.


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