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Virtools 4.1

Dassault Systèmes (DS) has released Virtools 4.1, which is the latest version of its platform for creating interactive 3D applications. Highlights of this revamped version include better platform support, improved Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) libraries, as well as key usability enhancements. This release features key enhancements that make learning and producing 3D applications with Virtools even easier, including wider platform and file support as  Virtools 4.1 and 3D Life Player are now compatible with Microsoft Vista and 3D XML V4.  In addition, the Virtools SDK is moving to Visual 2005.

The new version also has improved usability enhancements to reduce production time, such as the ability to instantiate a behaviour graph that is introduced through a new ‘Call Behavior’ building block. Using this new feature, developers will be able to considerably improve production workflow and delivery time. Virtools 4.1 also provides rich ergonomic and schematic improvements as well as new commented video tutorials. Virtools 4.1  has simplified virtual reality production capabilities with both the Virtools VR Library andthe VR Publisher model being evolved to respond to VR community feedback.

The simpler publishing model is now available in two versions: ‘classic’, targeted to mainstream VR displays (simple stereo HMDs or Walls) or ‘unlimited’, supporting higher-end systems, including multi GPUs or clusters.   

This new VR Pack 2.5 also provides better clustering support, improving synchronisation performance and quality when using Nvidia Quadro Fx G-Sync hardware, and better supporting multi-pipe and multi-core systems. It also includes new ready-to-use application templates (VRNR), provides support for recent VR devices like Natural Point Optitrack and Xsens MTi/MTx, and adds numerous development and deployment time-savers. New demos have been included, enabling new users and integrators to even better demonstrate the power of their VR equipment.


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