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Integrated Watson LIMS and Symyx Notebook

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symyx Technologies have released a joint product development effort. The solution will provide scientists in the bioanalytical community with a completely automated laboratory workflow by integrating Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS (laboratory information management system) with Symyx Notebook. The automated transfer of information between Watson LIMS and the Symyx Notebook provides a streamlined, compliant workflow for bioanalytical studies.

The integration of Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS with Symyx Notebook enables bioanalytical scientists to drive their existing workflow in Watson LIMS, with the added benefit of performing sample preparation, managing instrument calibration and maintenance and completing the experimental record in Symyx Notebook, all under GLP compliance. The LIMS and ELN integration provides the solution needed to help the bioanalytical laboratory migrate from paper-based systems and manual data transcription processes to fully electronic, automated laboratory workflows, enabling research scientists to eliminate costly and time-consuming manual data manipulation methods, dramatically reduce laboratory errors and improve workflow and data compliance with regulatory requirements. The integrated solution also ensures that all experimental details on projects or studies are authenticated by Watson and documented electronically, allowing scientists to share reports and results with colleagues across the lab or in another location.

Other benefits include the ability to design studies in Watson LIMS and publish them in Symyx Notebook; transfer sample information from the Notebook into LIMS; document lab activities (including sample preparation) in the ELN; annotate LIMS worklists in the Notebook; perform supplementary calculations and analysis in the ELN; and transfer completed LIMS reports back to the Notebook.

A typical integrated workflow might involve setting up Watson drug metabolism/pharmacokinetic (DMPK) study parameters in Symyx Notebook, transferring the DMPK setup to LIMS, executing the study and analysis in LIMS and reporting the results back through the ELN.

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