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Improved graphs

Synergy Software has released KaleidaGraph 4.0, containing significant axes improvements and other enhancements to its graphing and data analysis toolsets.

Axes can now be broken to allow a user to show a graph that contains large gaps in data. Linear and log scales can be used on both sides of the break. Axes can now be moved and placed at a set value. Offset axes can now be created by dragging the x and y axes away from the plot. Two axes can even be positioned on the same side of the plot. The KaleidaGraph data window has been completely redesigned allowing for greater flexibility when probing technical data. Columns and rows can be independently re-sized. The data window can be split into multiple panes allowing several slices of data to be viewed simultaneously.

The interface has been changed to include tabbed dialogues, which provide intuitive access to plot settings and variable choices. A new feature takes the guesswork out of modifying plots by allowing scientists to preview plot changes before they take effect.

Post hoc tests for ANOVA, including Student-Newman-Keuls, Sheffe and Fisher's LSD, have been added.


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