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NAG Library for .NET

Researchers, engineers, scientists and others who develop applications in the Microsoft  .NET environment and program in C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++ or F# can now incorporate the methods from the NAG Library by using a new version developed specifically for that environment.

The NAG Library for .NET provides the algorithms developed by the Numerical Algorithm Group (NAG) in areas such as optimisation, curve and surface fitting, FFTs, interpolation, linear algebra, wavelet transforms, quadrature, correlation and regression analysis, random number generators and time series analysis. The Library also incorporates extensive documentation and references, and makes this available from the Visual Studio help systems to enable users to fully understand the usage of the methods and guide them to the most appropriate one.

Developed in response to requests from both new potential users and longstanding users of the existing versions of the NAG Library, the .NET version is available for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems. 


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