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Users of Altair’s HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite can now use TES International’s electronics cooling software, ElectroFlo, through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA).

ElectroFlo is an electronics cooling package designed for high power-density applications, used for the thermal analysis of electrical components and systems. HyperWorks customers can access ElectroFlo through the HWPA with their current HyperWorks units.

ElectroFlo combines thermal/electrical analysis with a user-friendly graphical interface. It was the first software to incorporate coupled thermal/electrical analysis that gives much more accurate results for systems containing wires and traces. The software can be used in any electronics application from component-level to printed circuit board analysis, all the way up to the system level. It is particularly useful for analysing high current applications

ElectroFlo has the capability to model computation fluid dynamics (CFD), giving it the ability to expand its relevancy to other industries such as automotive, consumer goods, heavy equipment and energy. Thermal analysis and CFD work together to determine the best path for cooling or heating agents to ravel in order to optimise the thermal performance. Also, by measuring strong and weak areas, ElectroFlo is able to help the analyst make better decisions during the design and development process.


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