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Antenna Magus Version 5.0

MAGUS and Computer Simulation Technology (CST), have announced the release of Antenna Magus Version 5.0 - software designed to help engineers with antenna design projects.

The design capabilities for all 250 antenna types in the Antenna Magus database have been upgraded to include 'Smart Design' functionality. This feature can automatically suggest practical design objectives and, as needed, can also instantly convert information provided by the designer between different representations.

A new feature of version 5.0 includes the library of specifications. This library incorporates the properties of typical design specifications used in various industries. Accessing predefined specs speeds up the design process, and helps to achieve more reliable designs. Specification information can be added to Antenna Magus by the user. It is stored and can be easily recalled for re-use in later design projects.

The new release also improves upon existing features. The chart tracing tool, which allows engineers to digitise data from images of measurement or simulation plots, has been integrated into the specification library. It now includes automated extraction of representative properties such as beamwidth and sidelobe level. Elements of a design, such as parameter values and 3D images, can also be saved to file or clipboard in various text and image formats, providing easy access to resources for reporting. Antenna Magus integrates into computational electromagnetic simulation tools such as CST STUDIO SUITE, allowing engineers to move to detailed analysis and integration phases with ease.

A new update mechanism has been added. All future updates and releases can now be downloaded and installed from within the tool's interface at any time.


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