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HCS/HCA Platform

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a series of advanced software modules to enhance the functionality of its HCS/HCA platform. These include the introduction of the Thermo Scientific HCSExplorer informatics software, new functionality of its BioApplications line of image analysis software, and expanded capability of its Thermo Scientific HCS Analysis Platform.

The Thermo Scientific HCSExplorer is the next generation of HCS informatics software. HCSExplorer uses web-based technology to enable rapid and easy enterprise-wide data access and analysis. This innovative offering provides powerful analytical, data visualisation, and image comparison tools that can be used with any data store. It allows easy annotation of data and customisation of reports.

BioApplications are image analysis algorithms that allow scientists to easily make complex measurements and are validated for a wide variety of biological sciences. New version 3 of Thermo Scientific BioApplications software has been significantly enhanced to measure larger image sizes and more objects within any given field. Additionally, a number of ‘tool tips’ such as the background correction in each channel and the ability to analyse objects on a high contrast background improves usability.

Lastly, the new version 6.1 of Thermo Scientific HCS Analysis Platform provides significantly improved image visualisation thanks to the addition of several new image display features. The advanced graphical user interface dramatically reduces training time, so research can commence almost immediately. Furthermore, data from a wide range of third party microscopes or HCS readers can now be analysed, significantly improving laboratory workflow.


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