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Flash 4000

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced an application note for the company's Flash 4000 nitrogen/protein analyser, a tool for providing accurate, reproducible and rapid nitrogen/protein determination in animal feed.

The analyser effectively tests for levels of nitrogen in a wide range, from low to high content, without matrix effect and with reduced sample preparation. The analyser achieves a relative standard deviation of less than two per cent according to the official Dumas Combustion method, indicating that fine homogenisation is not necessary. In addition, no memory effect is observed when changing the type of sample, ensuring complete detection of the nitrogen present in the sample.

The applicability of the Flash 4000 extends even further, providing an automated, precise and reliable method to monitor levels of nitrogen/protein in any type of food and beverage using large sample amounts of more than 2g. These capabilities make the analyser the optimum choice for quality control and R&D environments in the food industry, improving their autonomy and reducing downtime, maintenance and cost per analysis.


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