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GstarCAD 2011

GstarCAD, a China-based provider of 2D/3D design software, has launched the latest version of its platform, which has an enhanced Application Program Interface (API), improved GstarCAD Runtime eXtension (GRX) and is more compatible with AutoCAD up to 2011. GRX is the latest package designed for application development and transplantation based on both AutoCAD and GstarCAD platforms. It provides the object-oriented development environment and application programming interface, and is source-level compatible with ARX applications developed on the AutoCAD platform.

With GRX technology, application developers can use GstarCAD 2011’s CAD database, interact with CAD editor, support multiple document interface (MDI), and build complex applications. Transplantations from ARX to GRX can be carried out via a few simple configurations of the compiler connector without modifying the source code, saving time and costs. Industrial CAD application developer CADProfi has successfully transplanted its ARX-based product line to GstarCAD via GRX. Available now, CADProfi 7.15 is compatible with GstarCAD 2011 and provides architectural, electrical, HVAC and piping, and mechanical modules in 22 languages.


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