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SVI Pro/SEA 3D Pro 2011.1

ffA has released SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro 2011.1, its software packages for geoscientists. The release includes ffA's new interactive Link for Petrel, which transfers information seamlessly between SVI Pro and Petrel. This will give the best possible interpretation productivity by integrating ffA 3D seismic analysis directly into the Petrel workflow.

It is now simple to transfer high resolution RGB blends from SVI Pro and view them with the same resolution in Petrel. The Link for Petrel also makes it possible to interpret on RGB blends in the same way as users interpret on a standard seismic volume. The Link for Petrel will create SVI Pro projects directly from Petrel as well as import volume and horizon data from Petrel to drive advanced 3D seismic analysis workflows.

The second advance is ffA’s new SaltApp workflow. This workflow guides users through the process of delineating salt and analysing the relationship between salt bodies and the surrounding stratigraphy. The new SaltApp workflow will allow the user to more easily and more accurately delineate salt diapirs and salt canopies, interpret base salt reflectors and identify variations in the stratigraphy surrounding the salt.


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