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GenomeQuest API

GenomeQuest has added a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) to its fast-growing sequence data management (SDM) platform.

The GenomeQuest platform, already in use for mission-critical research at 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms, allows researchers to compare, mine, share, and aggregate their sequence data, annotations, and findings - all from a web-browser and while accessing the world's largest collection of sequence reference databases. With the new API, bioinformatics developers and computational biologists can configure and customise their SDM to support all their research and clinical workflows on top of the 'embarrassingly parallel' GenomeQuest Engine. One can also unify and cloud-enable an SDM across all users, instruments, tools, databases, projects, and organisations, as well as scale an SDM to large-scale workflows - including broad-based support of next generation sequencing and secure, cloud-level sharing of sequence data and results.

The new GenomeQuest API provides full access to and control of the full range of SDM services, including engine-level sequence comparisons, workflow-level configuration/customization, and cloud-level administration and sharing.


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