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GenomeQuest 6.0Beta

GenomeQuest has introduced GenomeQuest 6.0Beta, the latest version of its sequence data management product, which features improved functionality, accessibility and methods to prepare for next generation sequencing.

The new version allows researchers to use a web browser to perform discoveries, manage and share sequence data and results, and access a large collection of sequence reference databases. Bioinformatics managers, using the open platform with RDBMS interoperability, can customise discovery workflows and unify their sequence data environment. IT and business managers, with the GenomeQuest Engine, can efficiently scale to broad utilisation of NGS across their discovery operations.

GenomeQuest workflows package all bioinformatics details - including the reference data, the queries, the algorithms, the interfacing to third party tools, the compute environment, and the results - into an easy-to-use upload/compute/discover loop for the researcher. Workflows are available for RNA-Seq, antibody optimisation, variant detection, rapid annotation for metagenomics, BLAST search, and patent search.


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