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GenoLogics has upgraded its Proteus software solution. GenoLogics' Proteus solution now includes Automated Informatics, a technology framework that enables powerful bioinformatics pipelining and analytics automation. This new Automated Informatics framework empowers proteomics researchers to fully automate their analysis pipelines after mass spectrometry integration; convert the data to open data formats, integrate to multiple search engines, and validate, quantify and analyze data generated by applications downstream of the mass spectrometer.


Proteus enhancements also include integration with the Institute for Systems Biology's Trans Proteomic Pipeline (TPP), automating and synchronising the data hand-off between the LIMS and the TPP bioinformatics pipeline, and facilitating a continuous exchange of data between the TPP modules and Proteus. The ability to handle electronic sample sheets, which are editable by end users, can be exported for clinical systems and sample bio-repositories and can integrate imported data with existing projects and experiments. The continued development of the software based on open data standards encourages the use of Proteus as a central hub to tie together lab information and data management with third-party commercial and open-source software.


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