GeneSnap Version 7.02

Syngene has updated its image acquisition software, GeneSnap Version 7.02, which is available free of charge to GeneSnap customers.

This software has three new features - effective pixels, focus indicator bar and auto focus configuration settings - to help users produce focused gel or blot images, which can be used with G:BOX systems.

Effective pixels increase the resolution of the system by up to four times and the focus indicator bar allows users to see how precisely focused their image is.

Once researchers are happy with their gel image, and if they have a feedback lens, they can add their focus setting to the new auto focus configuration now in GeneSnap, so that each time they view a similar gel or blot they can recall the details to guarantee they generate reproducible, high quality images in seconds.

The auto focus configurations also hold all lighting, filter, effective pixel and exposure settings.

The new GeneSnap software will come as standard with all new Syngene G:BOX systems and existing GeneSnap customers can download the software, free of charge, from Syngene's website. The upgraded version can configure itself to adapt to the lighting and filter options installed on each G:BOX system.


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