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General Display Manager

Altair has announced the availability of its General Display Manager, a web based environment for remote visualisation of large data sets arising from large-scale HPC simulations. The product is designed to work even in networks that have challenging latencies and enables access to graphically intensive applications through a simple web browser.

Display Manager complements HPC cloud environments by leveraging the workload manager PBS Professional to manage graphical resources, optimising the utilisation of hardware. It provides a non-client based solution for accessing intellectual property. Utilising graphical applications directly from the cluster via a browser, Display Manager negates the need for copying data from the cluster for visualisation. This means that proprietary intellectual property never leaves the data centre, yielding a more secure operation.

Image fidelity control to match network bandwidth and latency provides real-time responsiveness, whether operating on a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It is possible for multiple users to collaborate directly from within Display Manager, by sharing sessions. Authorised users can view and control a single session simultaneously without downloading any files, enhancing virtual team productivity and communication.


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