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The Aurora HPC 10-10

Based on the Intel Sandy Bridge processing platform, the Aurora HPC 10-10 can thermally manage the top of the Xeon E5 series, the E5-2687W at 3.1 Ghz (150W TDP), in a standard rack to deliver 100 teraflops of CPU computational power at 110kW of peak consumption. Improving on the previous AU 5600 supercomputer, the hot cooling system (coolant at 50°C +) is more efficient in extracting heat from the system, while the power conversion of the AU 5600 has been inherited and enables data centre PUEs as low as 1.05.

The 10-10’s nodes are 50 x 16 cm blades that are hot-pluggable, despite being liquid cooled, and limited cabling is present inside each rack, where the backplanes handle most of the I/O communication. Further features include fast interconnects, an optional FPGA-driven 3D Torus and three multi-level synchronisation networks. Eurotech delivers the HPC 10-10 complete with drivers, operating system (CentOS Linux), 3D Torus software, proprietary monitoring software and a comprehensive HPC software stack, which guarantees compatibility with most of the open source and commercial scientific, industrial and business applications. The HPC 10-10 is in the process of Intel Cluster Ready certification.


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