Genedata Selector for beer, wine and spirits

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Genedata has released a platform for comprehensive genomic data analysis of brewing yeast and other genomes vital to improving the efficiency of fermentation processes. Enabling researchers to optimise production strains and develop testing tools that monitor product quality, yeast viability, genetic drift and microbial purity, Genedata Selector for beer, wine and spirits includes pre-processed, ‘gold standard’ genome data from beer and wine yeast strains, as well as plants and industry-specific microbes.

In addition to providing an integrated and relational view into genome sequences, as well as the foundation for comparative genomics and mutation analysis, the platform relates any type of molecular data from sequences over pathways to phenotypes and intellectual property. This enables efficient phenotype-genotype analysis across the R&D pipeline. Open, enterprise-level and scalable, the beer, wine and spirits edition is part of the Genedata Selector line of industry-specific solutions.