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Expressionist 5.2

Genedata, a provider of in-silico solutions for pharmaceutical R&D and related life sciences, has released Expressionist 5.2 with enhanced capabilities for mass spectrometry (MS)-based biomarker discovery. Included in the Expressionist system are the advanced Refiner MS and Analyst modules, which process and analyse metabolomic and proteomic raw MS data and provide sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities for large volume data sets.

In addition to supporting ABI Wiff files, version 5.2 of Refiner MS adds Thermo Scientific's Exactive and GC-MS as well as Agilent's Q-TOF and GC-MS instruments to the wide list of already supported hardware platforms and vendor formats. Building on a powerful technology hub concept for raw MS data processing, peak identification and annotation tools have been enhanced to offer direct links to search engines and databases such as MASCOT or HMDB. Additionally, improved library searches are possible via the computation of retention-time indices.

Expressionist features support for labelled workflows using Stable Isotope Labelling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture (SILAC) and Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) targeted analysis. Usability improvements include blank chromatogram subtraction and spectrum peak clustering.


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